So Sweet Blog Award - No. 2 !!!

Opet, sasvim neočekivano, došla mi je nagradica!

Ovaj put od Iskrice sa Smilje - Art By Heart čije postove rado čitam  ( i gledam)!

Nagradu proslijeđujem dalje:

Nasmijano nebo@Nasmijano nebo
Mihaela@Meeha Meeha
 Hvala ti, Nataša!

For you, girls, who can't understand Croatian :) - let me tell you how much I appreciate your work! I love reading your blogs, each time is a new opportunity to learn something new. Thank you for that!

What's next?
1. Put the award on your blog.
2. Make permalink to person who gave you the award so you can thank her that way.
3. Choose another 5 blogs who have less then 200 followers and let them know about it!

Enjoy! And don't forget to check out the blogger who nominated me!

 p.s. Mihaela, I know that you have more then 200 followers  ;)  , but I just couldn't help myself nominating you!



  1. Congratulations, Ana, the awards come pouring down on your creative and talented blog! Thank you so much for making me the exception to the rule - you are a true friend and your words always give me inspiration and support!

  2. Hvala na nagradici! Ali ja sam baš nedavno dobila istu pa sam već tagala frendove ali budem ju zadržala pa kad pronađem još ljudi sa ispod 200 followera budem ju opet slala dalje :)

  3. Thanks so much for passing on the award. It's very sweet of you. I'll have to think of who I want to pass it on to. Have a fabulous day!

  4. Jao, ja tek danas procitah tvoj komentar kod mene i videh nagradicu. Hvala ti puno, ali mi moras objasniti kako to funkcionise! Pusa :*

  5. Opet ja. Skapirala nakon citanja dela tvog posta na engleskom kako sve funkcionise i prosledila. Hvala jos jednom na predivnom iznenadjenju :*


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