Succulent Love

Succulent Love by ana@carpe_diem

Succulent love, indeed!
A friend of mine adores succulents.
She advised me to plant some,
since my biggest issue with flowers is -
I forget to water them regulary   :(

So, I asked my mom for some, my neightbour gave me some,
I bought some -
and I fell in love instantly.
I decided to introduce succulent as much possible
into our B&B's decor.
I placed some on the indoor,
and some on the shiny side of the window.

I had some really really really small pots.
You know those wholes on the center of wooden desks made for sun umbrellas?

Well, I  have disguised them with succulents!
I also had a broken pot.
I was pretty much inspired with many fairy gardens I saw online this year.
I didn't have any fairy props, so I decided to leave it simple.
At least I got to use the broked pot!

I had some leftovers.
Actually, I hadn't any more containers so I decided to plant them in plastic containers.
I used them to decorate the old barrel.
I put black containers in old cups.
Well, some don't quite fit :)

I have planted these succulents last month,
May 7th, actually.
It was the International Naked Gardening Day.
//// I had a blast with my FB friends that day  ;)  ///
I have showed you the photos taken at planting day and today, after month and half.
I notice that some succulents did warp in that period.
But, they are still beautiful.
And, most importantly, they won't die on me!

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  1. Slatki su, sitni, dekorativni i uljepšaju svaki prostor.
    Ana-Marija, baš si ih lijepo rasporedila, sviđa mi se :)
    Puno pozdrava, Biljana

  2. Preslatki su! Mnogo lepa zaraza! :)

  3. Hvala cure, vaše mišljenje mi puno znači!

  4. they look fab, I probably could just about manage succulents in apartment, I'll be on the look out for some now, thanks for the inspiration :D #thereallycraftylinkparty

  5. Succulents are the best and will just keep on going. Just wait until they start making little babies, you'll have so many beautiful little plants to fill up your stunning B&B

  6. Hi Chris an Michelle! Nice to have you here!
    In my defence :) - summer is the bussiest part of the year for me, I often forget about flowers. I do hope that my succulents will survive this heat we are having right now. Although, they seam to grow pretty fast, hope to have many little succulents so I can make all kind of cool decor next year! Thanks for visiting, girls!

  7. That's exactly how I feel Ana. They won't die on me either. I am a brown thumb too and have only succculants and aloe vera on my balcony. Btw, that is really a beautiful place where you live, what is that water I see out there? Pinning and sharing.

  8. Hi, Mary! My succulents are growing fast!! Hope they will endure ME :)
    I live at the beach where my husband and I run a B&B (Pansion). This water you see on the photos is Adriatic Sea, Croatia.

  9. I love succulents. Like you say, they don't die on me. Every other plant, sooner or later, dies in my hands. Besides, succulents are the perfect decor for this time of the year. Thank you for sharing at The Really Crafty Link Party, and I hope to see you back next week too!

  10. Moraću to uživo da proverim da je sa biljkama sve u redu i da su preživele leto!! i da vidim da nije to prevelika blizina slane vode tu... i da vidim kakve su ti to prelepe stolice sa odgovarajućim okruglim stolićima :)))))))))))))))


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