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My DIY costumes inspired by animals

DIY costumes inspired by animals by ana@carpe_diem

Over the years I have created many costumes for my children.
Some of them were inspired by animal kingdom.
I loved making each one of these costumes,
and now, when my kids grew older,
I watch photos with great feeling of nostalgia,
because they don't want to be
sweet bees
or beautiful spotted ladybugs
or little frogs
or fluffy sheeps
or cute ants
or most amazing penguins anymore :)
This is a small round-up
with links to costume-making tutorials.

It was my oldest's first Carnival.
She was the cutest thing!

Those are the costumes inspired by my little son's first steps.
Also his first appearance in costume.

That year I have joined my kids in Carnival.
If you would like to see the size of my bee wings ,
visit this post.
Please notice that these photos are taken before digital era, hahaha :)

Mama sheep and two little lambs, I suppose :)

Feet, feet everywhere...
Antennas, too!
Ants can come in various colors, did you know that?
Visit the post and see for yourself.


Now, we are talking colors!
These costume were a huge hit,
because noone knew who is wearing them.
Mom frogs even had eyelashes :)
Hope you have enjoyed this small round-up of my DIY costumes
inspired by animals.
If you would like to see some of other costume I made,
please click HERE.
Hope you'll find something you like!
In the meantime,
carpe diem, everyone!

ponedjeljak, 17. listopada 2016.

Easy Hydrangea Wreath / Jednostavan vjenčić od hortenzije

Hydreangea Wreath by ana@carpe_diem

It is hard for me to believe it is middle of October, already!
We are having such a nice weather, sunny and warm,
doesn't fell like fall at all.
I have been reading a lot of fall themed posts on various blogs lately,
so I figured I should contribute, as well :)

Ne mogu vjerovati da je već sredina listopada!
Temperature su ugodne, dani su sunčani, ne osjećam jesen.
U zadnje vrijeme se po blogovima najviše piše o jeseni i jesenskim projektima,
tako da sam pomislila da bih i ja trebala pridonijeti tome :)

Living among evergreen trees, it is hard to spot fall. Really, it is!
Actually, I have noticed that fall is approaching when I realised that my beautiful hydrangea is loosing its color.
Živeći među zimzelenim drvećem, vrlo je teško uočiti dolazak jeseni. Stvarno, je!
U stvari, jesen sam počela osjećati tek kad sam vidjela da moja lijepa hortenzija gubi boju.

So, I have gathered all of my hydrangea blossoms,
found a wire in a garage
and started to make a wreath.
Odlučila sam odrezati cvatove hortenzije,
našla žicu u garaži i počela raditi vjenčić.

First I have decided where am I going to hang a wreath,
then how wide it is going to be,
and then I started to string one blossom after another.
As you can see at photo above, I cut the blossoms so it has small petal that holds small flowers together.

Prvo sam odredila gdje ću objesiti vjenčić,
zatim sam odredila koliki će vjenčić biti,
pa sam počela nizati cvatove jedan po jedan.
Kao što se vidi na gornjoj fotografiji, cvatove sam odrezala tako da ostane mala peteljka koja drži male cvjetiće skupa.

After a while, I got full, nice looking wreath.
Of course, not all blossoms are the same size.
First I used the biggest ones and tied the wire's ends together.
Then I inserted smaller blossoms where I noticed some  blossom size irregularities.
I used florist wire to secure them to the wreath.

Nakon nekog vremena sam dobila lijep i pun vjenčić.
Naravno, nisu svi cvatovi iste veličine.
Najprije sam nizala najveće, zatim privezala krajeve žice jedan za drugi.
Manje sam cvatove umetnula u vjenčić na mjesta gdje sam uočila nejednakosti u veličini cvatova.
Učvrstila sam ih za vjenčić cvjećarskom žicom.

Next step was to hang the wreath on its place.
I think this pale shade of green suits well this stone wall.
I belive that this wreath will serve for a long period of time.
Another thing I schould to is to put some fall decor on.
I can't help it, I am stuck in everlasting summer :)
Vjenčić sam objesila na kameni zid.
Mislim da uživo još bolje izgleda,
blijedo zelena boja se odlično uklopila sa raznim nijansama boje kamena.
Mislim da bih uskoro trebala promijeniti dekor u jesenski.
Ne mogu si pomoći, zaglavila sam u ljetu koje nikako ne prolazi :)
In midtime - Carpe diem, everyone!
U međuvremenu - Iskoristite dan!


nedjelja, 16. listopada 2016.

My DIY costumes inspired by cartoon or movie characters

Halloween costumes inspired by cartoon or movie characters by ana@carpe_diem

Hello, everyone!
Is it just me or Halloween
(and all other holidays, to be true)
is comming faster and faster each year? :)
I was always a great fan of costumes and costume-making.
I live in Croatia where Halloween is not  a traditional holiday.
We use to dress ourselves in various costumes during Karnival period
that is usually held in February
and ends with great celebrations the day before Ash Wednesday.
In a region where we live it is very important for costumes to be handmade,
otherwise they can not enter competition and win a prize.
In today's post I would like to summarize
some of my DIY costumes inspired by cartoon or movie characters.
Let's stat with my our favorite cartoon - NEMO:


              I really really enjoyed making this costume!
You can find full tutorial HERE!
Of couse, while you are at it, why wouldn't you make a Marlin? Or Dory? Even Scarface?
Check out my post and you will see many happy fish :)
... Just keep swimming ...


 My second pick are characters that can be considered as classic-
There was 40 of us dressed like Mickey or Minnie,
the whole kindergarden, mothers, simblings.
You can read a story about making these costumes HERE.

I looved this animated movie and books,
I looved all about her!
I didn't have Snowhite costume when I was a little,
so I made one for my daughter
just because I believe every girl should feel like a princess.
Tutorial is HERE


 Very very simple costume of ALADDIN is next.
This costume is actually made for a school play,
but it can be used as Halloween or Karnival costume.
All you need to know about making one, you can read HERE


Another great group / family costume is THE WIZARD OF OZ.
This idea is proposed to me by my older daughter
since we were looking for a costumes for 4 people;
my girls, my son and myself.
I loved every minute of making it.

 My younger daugher was Dorothy, she had a basket with Toto (stuffed toy) and a oiler for Tin Man. And red shoes, of course!

 Older daugher was a Tin Man, She had a funnel on her head and an axe. She was pretty much amused all the time :)

 Dino was a Cowardly Lion. He was sooo cute!

I got to be a Scarecrow, who else?
My costume was very simple, some old clothes, a hat and some straw.
All of other details about this group costume
you can read HERE
So, how do you like my selection?
Are you going to make some handmade costumes?
I really hope that I have inspired you to make some of your own.
It is 100% of pure fun, believe me!
You can find more of my DIY costumes HERE
Have a great day!
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