My DIY costumes inspired by animals

DIY costumes inspired by animals by ana@carpe_diem

Over the years I have created many costumes for my children.
Some of them were inspired by animal kingdom.
I loved making each one of these costumes,
and now, when my kids grew older,
I watch photos with great feeling of nostalgia,
because they don't want to be
sweet bees
or beautiful spotted ladybugs
or little frogs
or fluffy sheeps
or cute ants
or most amazing penguins anymore :)
This is a small round-up
with links to costume-making tutorials.

It was my oldest's first Carnival.
She was the cutest thing!

Those are the costumes inspired by my little son's first steps.
Also his first appearance in costume.

That year I have joined my kids in Carnival.
If you would like to see the size of my bee wings ,
visit this post.
Please notice that these photos are taken before digital era, hahaha :)

Mama sheep and two little lambs, I suppose :)

Feet, feet everywhere...
Antennas, too!
Ants can come in various colors, did you know that?
Visit the post and see for yourself.


Now, we are talking colors!
These costume were a huge hit,
because noone knew who is wearing them.
Mom frogs even had eyelashes :)
Hope you have enjoyed this small round-up of my DIY costumes
inspired by animals.
If you would like to see some of other costume I made,
please click HERE.
Hope you'll find something you like!
In the meantime,
carpe diem, everyone!


  1. Hello Ana! Such a lovely post! Sons grown up quickly ... looking to those photos is living again^_^! Have good memories is so pleasant! Thanks for visiting my blog and live a lovely comment.
    Have a fabulous weekend!
    Hugs and love from Portugal,
    Ana Love Craft

  2. Oh they're all soooo incredibly cute. Such a lovely round up Ana, I adore the frogs and the little lady bird. Your kids must have an absolute blast at Halloween. Thank you so much for sharing the memories and the awesome costumes with us at Sweet Inspiration

  3. Thanks, girls! This post is actually walking down the memory lane for me, I have really enjoyed dressing up kids and myself, also!

  4. Such fun costumes, I especially love the ladybird.

  5. They are all cure, but the penguins are just too much! My kids will want a penguin costume for sure if I show them this. Thank you for sharing at The Really Crafty Link Party. Pinned!

  6. How adorable! I love the bee costume. Thanks for sharing at the Happy Halloween Party. Pinned.

  7. Ovo je predivno, zbilja ste talentirani. Meni i braći dok smo bili klinci mama nije šila kostime, ali su tata i ona maske radili od "svakodnevnih" stvari koje su pronašli u ormarima, na tavanu i sl. Brat je jednom bio dama iz visokog društva odijeven u mamin stari kaput, čizme s potpeticama i prepariranom lijom oko vrata, ha ha ha (još ni danas ne znam odakle su to izvukli; brat je dobio nagradu na školskom natjecanju). Zato mama uvijek kaže dok joj savjetujem da se riješi nepotrebne odjeće: "Pa u što bi vas oblačili po maškarama da sam to sve bacila?" 😂

  8. wow so beautiful mask


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