Liebster Blog Award

I got this interesting Blog Award from Katarina @ Pesma Zmaja Moga some time ago.
This is, by far, the most interesting award I ever got because of its rules:

-          Answer the 11 questions posed by the person who nominated you
-          Give 11 facts about yourself
-          Nominate 11 other bloggers for the award
-          Post 11 questions for your nominees to answer
-          Tell them you have tagged them and pay it forward

Katarina didn't proceed some new question, so I answered the ones she had answered, also.
1.      Happiest moment of your life?
I have had many happy moments, so I could say I am lucky that way!
But, besides having my three kids, wedding day and living happily ever after with my family, I can't forget certain day when I rode a horse for the very fist time. It was a dream of mine when I was younger and that dream came true when I was 19. OMG, time flies…

2. Which season of the year you love the most?
Spring – greenery, flowers, spring showers, smell of the earth after rain...

3. Veg or non-veg food?
Non-veg. I like meat, even though it is very difficult to find quality meat thesedays. I have a garden and I grow vegetables myself, no artificial stuff added! My husband fishes a lot so we eat a lot of fish, too. My ideal meal is meat on grill followed by all kinds of seasonal vegetables in huuuge amounts.
I also belive that is not healthy to persuit vegetarian diet while buying vegetables in markets. If you want to eat properly, you should grow your food, indeed. Otherwise, you don't know what you eat at all.

4. Your most favorite color?
Red, definitly. Followed by yellow, orange. Then a little bit of green and blue. And a touch of grey and beige.

5. Which movie star you would like to date?
Well, I do hope that my dating days are behind me. I would not like to date again. I am lazy, I guess! But, movie star of my choise should be a person I could talk to and feel confortable with. A person whome I could listen all day long. Does it have to be a opposite sex? If not, then I choose Meryl Streep.

6. Your favorite one-liner?
Carpe diem, I guess haha!

7. Any new thing/craft you want to learn this year?
I am planning on crocheting.

8. Coffee or Tea?
As far as I am concered, they both are only flavored water. My perfect drink is milk; hot, warm, cold, plain or with cacao.

9. Coke or Pepsi?
I am not sure, I haven't had Pepsi for years, I forgot how it tastes like.

10. Your favorite holiday destination?
French Polynesia, by far!

11. You were obedient as a child or a rebel?
Obedient, as far as I am concerned. True rebel, by my family's opinion!
Now, some facts about myself:

1. I really really love masquerade. And costume making. And waiting to see other people's costumes. And masquerade rally. And everything that is related to that happening.
Oh, I am currently working on some great costumes!

2. I would proclaim Shrove Tuesday (this year it is on Feb 12th) a half-working day, so people could work untill noon, come home for a lunch, dress up in their costumes and all meet at 3 P.M. for a rally. And dancing afterwards.

3. I love red color. On me, around me, on other people, in a nature. I am thinking about dedicating some posts to that love of mine.

4. When I am nervous or stressed out, I clean. When I am great, I make things, sew, drew, paint, craft. I am not a nervous kind of person, so my flat is always in some kind of creative mess.
When my kids were smaller, I would think through how could I possibly find them if that huge pile of clothes waiting for ironing would fall on them. But, they got bigger now and I guess they could find their way out, so that problem is solved.

5. I am good in baking cakes. When I was my friend's maid of honor, I baked her a cake for wedding reception. I had huge jitters. At the time I was around, people used to eat it. What happend when I left off, I don't know.

6. I have a big plan for my family, and that is to build our own house in near future. But not only to built, but to make, sew, restaurate, paint everything. Our own work, by our own needs.

7. I like to cheer people up by giving something small, but from the heart.

8. I love The Beatles. I honor John Lennon.

9. I like movies. The one I expecially like is „The Last of the Mochicans“ with Daniel Day-Lewis. OMG, what beautiful scenes!

10. I am going to be an aunt in couple of days! Can't wait for HER to be born!

11. In a week, I am about to get my masters degree, finally ;) I am so happy for the opportunity to meet wonderful people during this 5yrs long journey of schooling! Some of them became my very best friends, indeed!
My nominees are 11 of my very last followers on this blog.
I belive that answering these questions would bring us close together.
It is always nice to get to know you all!
They are all girls (!) ALL AROUND THE WORLD, very creative persons, who make clothes, bake cakes, make great accesorize, paint furniture, make grat renovations, are shabby by choise, grow food... Take a look, you will enjoy it, I am soooo sure!
1. Selma @ mmm...
2. Lolila @ Lovely little land
3. Nataša @ OUTBOX fashion & stuff
8. Cristina @ Shabby Criss
9. Zorjana @ Zorjana Handmade
10. Eda @ Spalatinart
11. Milica @ Lovely Things M&M

I think that these 11 questions that I answered at the beginning of this post are great, so I would like you all to answer them too.
Don't forget to state 11 facts about yourself, also!

You know, I got this award from Klaudija @ Hobby By Dija just a couple of days later, so I will keep them both in one post!
Be sure to visit Klaudija's blog, too - you will find some amazing crochet handwork there!


I am about to post this and to let you all know about this Blog Award!
It would be great if you would find some time to answer these question
and forward this award to another 11 bloggers,
so we can all learn a little about each other.
That is what blogging is all about, don't you think?



  1. :D Hvala puno na poklonu! Katarina me je također nominovala pa ću vas obje spomenuti. ;) Volim ovu vrstu nagrada jer zahvaljujući njima otkrijem mnoge blogove, vas kreativce i upoznam vas. Upravo kao što si rekla blogovi i služe za to. Volim i ja uveseljavati druge oko sebe i poklanjati. ;)

  2. Thanks so much, Ana! I will try to get mine posted over the weekend, and visit some of the blogs you mentioned!

    Have a wonderful day!

    ~Kristi@Let This Mind Be in You

  3. Ovo je bas interesantno. Eto saznah puno o tebi i otkrih neke nove, lepe blogove. Nisam znala da ovo moze da bude tako zabavno.

  4. Odlično napisano, ovaj mi post baš nekako toplo "miriše". Hvala ti što si podijelila sve to s nama! Divna ideja s kućom, od srca navijam da ti se ostvari onako kako si zamislila! Btw, prepoznah se u 4. točki ;)

  5. Thanks Ana! Is a great pleasure and honor! Kisses Cristina

  6. Hvala ti na nagradici, osim kroz tvoje zanimljive postove lijepo te upoznati i na ovakav način!
    Želim ti od srca da ti se ostvare ovi mali, veliki snovi:)

    1. hvala ti na tome! jedva čekam pročitati tvoj post!

  7. Congratulations, Ana! Seriously, how DO you find the little children in a pile of washed clothes after a date with Meryl Streep? (and me, I wanna be there too!) If you really start building a house, what an adventure that will be for your blog...

    1. well, who knows... maybe, in a near future (I hope) I'll start to write about bricks and wood, walls and roofs ;)
      about the pile of clothes, there is one that currently lives in my bedroom, I think it has a life of its own, gets bigger every day! kids are way big now, they can not hide underneath anymore - one place not to look at :)

  8. Hvala na nagradici. Lepo je znati da se nekome dopada


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