Sandwich costume / Sendvič, kostim za maškare

Sendvič, kostim za maškare
Sandwich costume
What do you need to make a really good sandwich?
 Što nam treba za jedan stvarno dobar sendvič?
2 fete kruha
malo salate !

What do you need for a really goood sandwich?
2 slices of bread
prosciutto or ham
some lettuce !

Za svaki od sastojaka potrebna nam je spužva 1m x 2m debljine 1 cm, pigmenti za bojanje i pištolj za ljepljenje.
Spužva se izreže škarama, od iste spužve napravi se i prednja i zadnja strana koje su iste. Oboja se pigmentom koji se malo razrijedi vodom, da se dobije što više boje. Sir je obojan žutim pigmentom, korica od kruha oker pigmentom, salata zelenim ( svijetlija zelena se dobije kad se doda malo Jupola), a pršut se oboja crvenim, oker (za koru) i crnim(to je onja gornji dio pršuta koji je malo od dima :) pigmentom. Kad se boja osuši, zaljepi se pištoljem. Ne zaboravite rupe za ruke. I za glavu, u slučaju pršuta!

For any of the ingredients you will need a foam 1m x 2m , 1 cm thick, some pigments for the dyeing and a glue gun.
You cut the foam with the scissors to the shape, make sure you have  same front and back. Then you dye foam with pigment that is diluted with some water (just to get more paint). Cheese is dyed with yellow, bread's crust with ocher, lettuce with green (you get the lighter shade of green if you add some white base paint in, the one for inside walls), and prosciutto is dyed with red, ocher (ham crust) and black (that smoked color on crust :). When foam gets dry, glue the ends with glue gun. Make sure to make some openings for heads and arms!

This was very fun for the girls, since they made these costumes themselves,
I only helped a little!
(P.S. I got to clean the craft room)

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  1. Super ideja! Baš su svi slatki :)

  2. Aaaa-ha-ha-ha! You've got a great sense of humor! I would like to be the bacon, please :))

  3. LOL, I saw this on Inspire Me Fridays and had to come and take a look! This is great!!! :)

  4. What a cute idea. Love it!! I am your newest follower.

    Susan and Bentley

  5. So cute!! I love it. Such a fun costume. Thanks so much for sharing again this week at A Bouquet of Talent. I just love seeing all of your awesome projects. Have a wonderful week. HUGS

  6. I love it! This is super creative! Nice work! Looks like the girls were having fun too..... )

    hugs ~ Crystelle


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